Milwaukee Inmate Search

CCAP WI provides an online option to find information on individuals who have been arrested or are under the custody of Milwaukee County. We will use is the CCAP Milwaukee Inmate Search option on the CCAP portal to find inmate details.

The CCAP online system provides details about case records, which include the criminal charges, the party’s guilty or not-guilty pleas, and other court proceedings.

CCAP ensures that you can stay informed about the legal status of inmates and acquaintances by offering an inmate search option.

Using the Milwaukee inmate search function, you can quickly ascertain whether someone has been detained, the nature of the crime they are associated with, and where their case currently stands within the legal system.

CCAP Milwaukee Inmate Search

The CCAP Milwaukee Inmate Search provides a reliable tool for members of the public to locate information regarding individuals incarcerated within Milwaukee County correctional facilities. Utilizing this public access system, one can find details on both criminal and civil cases associated with an inmate.

How to Lookup an Inmate Housed in Milwaukee Correctional Facilities?

  1. Visit the CCAP Milwaukee Inmate Search website at The first step in your search is to access the Milwaukee County In Custody Locator page.
  2. Use the Simple Case Search function: Enter the inmate’s First name, Last Name, Date of Birth, and Gender to get the inmate details
  3. Note Down the Inmate Details: Once you enter the details, click on search. Then you will get all the inmate details.
CCAP Milwaukee Inmate Search
1Go to the CCAP Inmate Search website.Shortcut to inmate search features.
2Input the inmate’s name.Full name provides more accurate results.
3Download InformationGet the inmate information from Milwaukee County correctional facilities.
Guide to use CCAP Milwaukee Inmate Search Portal

Information Available Through CCAP WI Milwaukee Inmate Search

  • Criminal Records: You can uncover an inmate’s past criminal charges, ranging from misdemeanors to felonies.
  • Court Records: The system allows access to an individual’s history of civil and criminal court appearances, including upcoming court dates.
Type of RecordDetails Available
CriminalCharges, arrest details, case status.
CourtCase number, dates, outcomes, record documents.

By following these steps and reviewing the available records, you have at your disposal a comprehensive overview of an inmate’s history and current status within the Milwaukee County legal system.

Next section addresses some common queries you might have about Milwaukee’s inmate search system.

What are the steps for finding out if someone was recently arrested in Milwaukee?

To determine if someone has been recently arrested in Milwaukee, you should visit the Consolidated Court Automation Programs (CCAP) – Wisconsin Court System. Follow their search tools to access court records. You can also check the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s In Custody Locator for current custody status.

Why might an inmate’s information not appear in the online search results?

An inmate’s information might not appear in the online search results for several reasons. These can include

  • a recent booking not yet processed
  • the inmate may be under protective custody
  • records may not be publicly available due to legal restrictions.

If uncertainties persist, directly contact with the Milwaukee County Sheriff is advisable.

How can I obtain mugshots of inmates in Wisconsin?

Mugshots of inmates in Wisconsin are typically a part of public arrest records and can be obtained by requesting them from the respective police department or the corrections agency involved. Keep in mind that there are specific protocols to follow or forms to fill out for such requests.

How to Add funds to an inmate’s account at Milwaukee County Jail?

To add funds to an inmate’s account at Milwaukee County Jail, you can call the automated system at (866) 345-1884. Funds can also be added via kiosks available at the Milwaukee County Criminal Justice Facility locations. The Detention Services page provides further details on fund deposits.

How can I contact the Milwaukee County Jail for inmate information?

If you need inmate information from the Milwaukee County Jail, you can contact the jail directly. Information about reaching them is available on the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Contact page. It’s important to have the inmate’s full name and date of birth for a successful inquiry.

Benefits of CCAP For Milwaukee County

Benefits of Milwaukee Inmate Search

When you navigate the Wisconsin court system, you’ll likely encounter the Consolidated Court Automation Programs (CCAP), a pivotal technology within the state’s judicial framework. The following are the major benefits of CCAP:

  • Ease of Public Access: CCAP provides you with straightforward access to a wealth of court information. Through online platforms, you can swiftly find case information without the need for physical visits to courthouse records departments.
  • Efficiency for Court Employees: Automation through CCAP markedly reduces manual tasks for court employees. This streamlines operations, allowing for faster processing of cases and enhancing productivity.
  • Tools for Attorneys: Attorneys rely on CCAP to quickly obtain case information, file documents, and prepare for court proceedings, significantly improving their efficiency.
Benefit CategoryDescription
Public AccessKiosks and online services for real-time case information.
AutomationMitigates the risk of human error and expedites judicial procedures.
Employee SupportReduces clerical workload, leading to a focus on more critical tasks.

Embrace the automation of CCAP that shapes a more effective Wisconsin Court System, providing extensive public access to judicial information.

Please note: Even though CCAP is designed to enhance your access and efficiency, it’s crucial to verify any legal information obtained through CCAP with the appropriate legal counsel or court office to ensure its accuracy and timeliness.

The Role of Milwaukee County Jails

In understanding the nuances of the criminal justice system in Milwaukee County, it is vital to recognize the structured approach and support services of county jails.

Milwaukee County Jail Structure

Milwaukee County manages a criminal justice facility vital to the region’s public safety. The main jail, under the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office, forms a central part of the Division of Adult Institutions. To maintain order and safety, leadership within the facility oversees operations and ensures that all policies adhere to legal and ethical standards.

Milwaukee Inmate Services

Inmates housed in the Milwaukee County Jail have access to a variety of services. The provision of services is often possible through the help of volunteers and community programs aimed at rehabilitation and education. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Educational Programming: Opportunities for GED completion and other educational programs.
  • Health and Wellness: Medical care, psychological support, and substance abuse programs designed to address individual needs.

The jail also emphasizes communication with the outside world, allowing for the receipt of letters, money orders, and certain approved items to support inmate connectivity with their loved ones and communities, as listed on the Detention Services page.

Service TypeDescriptions
EducationalInmate access to GED and other educational resources.
CommunicationMail services providing connection to the external environment.
Health and WellnessMedical, psychological, and substance abuse treatment.

Milwaukee Circuit Court Operations

The Milwaukee Circuit Court is a robust judicial system dealing with both civil and criminal matters. It is overseen by the Clerk of Circuit Court, ensuring public access to court records and the processing of legal documents.

Clerk of Circuit Court Duties

Your understanding of legal processes in Milwaukee is enhanced by knowing the duties of the Clerk of Circuit Court. They are responsible for managing court records, ensuring they are accurate and readily available for public inspection. Below are some of their primary responsibilities:

Record KeepingMaintains all court records including civil, criminal, and restraining orders.
Public AccessProvides access to records, while respecting privacy and legal restrictions.
Administrative FunctionsCoordinates the logistical aspects of court operations.
Financial ManagementOversees the collection and distribution of fees, fines, and bail payments.

Civil and Criminal Records

In the realm of Civil and Criminal records, Milwaukee Circuit Court maintains a comprehensive repository. These records encapsulate the details and documents from civil disputes and criminal prosecutions:

Civil Records

  • Includes cases like personal injury, divorce, property disputes, and restraining orders.

Criminal Records

  • Documents proceedings that involve violations of the criminal law, from misdemeanors to felonies.

You can seek these records for a variety of purposes; however, it is crucial to be aware of any confidentiality rules or privacy issues that might limit access.


When you’re looking to obtain information about inmates in Milwaukee, the Wisconsin Court System offers a robust tool known as CCAP (Consolidated Court Automation Programs). With this system, you can search for and access case information. To complement your search efforts, the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office provides an In Custody Locator to find inmate details.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office explicitly indicates that the accuracy and timeliness of the data cannot be guaranteed.

Here are key points to guide your search:

  • Wisconsin Court System – Case Search: Ideal for case-related inquiries.
  • Milwaukee County Sheriff – In Custody Locator: Useful for current custody status.

Remember, users must exercise due diligence and corroborate the information found with other sources if needed due to the potential permanency of inaccuracies. To facilitate transactions related to detainees, Detention Services of Milwaukee County provides options for depositing funds to a commissary account.

To sum up, for a complete search on inmates in Milwaukee, you should utilize both the CCAP and the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s resources.